yes it is because is is HANDSOME!


actually no that’s not surprising but still rUDEEEEEE

I will accept the compliment regardless. 

as fred? or boomy

as Fred.

((OOC: Dinner was a success, mainly because we made so much food Booms’ brother almost passed out. But that’s besides the point, she’ll be on in a few.))

ugh, forget classes I’m just going to continue sleeping


I could have made her happy too…I never thought of her as some trophy never intended that. I know she is a beautiful person, I have seen how she is with everyone, how she most of the time gives second chances…You are surprised…really and truly? Greenley you are a gryffindor quidditch player, as much as i hate to admit it, and will rip your throat out if you tell this to anyone you are for a guy in the more attractive catagory. -he huffs annoyed- you sure did luck out Greenley -his eyes meet his- if you ever hurt her, even if it is unintentional you better run because I will gut you if you do. -he backs down calming himself- doubtful she is sorry, she shouldn’t be sorry, I am- er should…

I can assure you i’d rather gut myself then have her hurt in anyway. And yes, i am honestly surprised she’d choose me, sometimes i think i’m a bit of a joke, actually. I guess it’s silly, i just always think i’m not quite living up to most people’s expectations of me, just another run-of-the-mill Gryffindor idiot, and i guess i believe it sometimes. But i just want you to know that i am truly so sorry, and i know she may not say it now but Alice isn’t as much of a grudge holder as she may seem. She just … needs time, i suppose. I just hope you can forgive me eventually, at least. 


ugh, forget classes I’m just going to continue sleeping


-he glares- I don’t care about that -he snaps- I hate you because…-he trails off turning away and clenching his fists- because you are better than me…Alice is proof of that fact.

I’m sorry to hear that, mate. But please realise it’s her happiness and i intend to make her as happy as i possibly can and more. She’s not some trophy to be won (Not assuming you think her that way, of course, it just came off in how you worded it), she’s an honest-to-god beautiful person inside and out and i love her so much. I’m honestly surprised she likes me! What am i? Some doofus Gryffindor? Most of the time i can barely believe she’d pick me over anyone else she could possibly have. I’m sorry i lucked out in expense for your own,  but you shouldn’t have how you feel go according to someone else except yourself! You really aren’t that bad as everyone tries to make you out to be, and i can see that. I’m sorry if i ever hurt you, and i’m sure she’s sorry too.

ugh, forget classes I’m just going to continue sleeping


oh I have nothing against her -his eyes narrow at you- Just you 

Tell me, what have i even DONE to you for you to hate me so much? Honestly, i even try to apologise to you for what i did a few years ago but you just get even more mad at me.